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Matthew Robbins
Director of Operations

The mission of the Eaton Community Schools Transportation Department is to transport students as safely, efficiently and cordially as possible. The success of this undertaking relies on the collective responsibility and efforts of drivers, students, families, schools and our department. 
Together, we are moving the future of the Eaton Community.  

Our office is open from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday, when school is in session

872 E. Lexington Ave.
Eaton, OH 45320

Fax 937-456-4589


Matt Robbins - Director of Operations
Melinda Moore -  Secretary to the Director of Operations

Eligibility for Bus Service

Student's eligibility for bus services is determined by boundaries approved by the school board.  Those boundaries are based on the proximity of the student's residence to the school building of which that student attends.  If you have any questions about your student's eligibility for bus service, please call the Transportation Department at 456-4330.

Change of Transportation

If you have moved or need to request transportation changes, please update FinalForms and call the Transportation Department.  If your student requires transportation to or from an alternate location, such as a daycare facility or another family members home this can be indicated on FinalForms.  


A change in transportation can take up to three days to take effect.  The Transportation Department needs to ensure there is seat availability on the bus, to inform the school of the change and to allow the driver to rearrange seating, if necessary.   

Become a Substitute Bus Driver 

Eaton Community Schools is searching for reliable and dependable people to train to become substitute school bus drivers.  There is a demand for substitute bus drivers to drive routes which often leads to consistent contracted employment.  Eaton Community Schools substitute bus drivers are paid $18.50 per hour.  To apply go to Dayton Area School Consortium at or feel free to call or stop by the Transportation Office.  


Employment - Bartelso Grade School