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Communication Tools


Circle Outlined in Green with Parent Square Text

  • App based communication tool.
  • ECS can safely communicate with parents via email, text, or the app.
  • Used throughout the entire district, creating one program for parents to communicate with teachers.
  • Parents/guardians can communicate directly with teachers, coaches, teams and more.
  • Replaces One Call Now for alerts, attendance, closures and/or delays, and notifications - all sent via voice, text and app notifications.


Circle Outlined in Blue with text reading Website 

  • Resources and supports including
    • General Information
    • Absence Reporting information
    • Emotional Supports & Helpline
    • Lunch & Breakfast Information
    • Closures & Delays
Circle outlined in orange with word Progress Book inside

  • View student report cards, attendance, missing assignments, etc.
Circle outlined in gold with Final Forms in the center

  • Digitally sign forms such as emergency medical forms, student/parent handbooks, etc.
  • Update contact information - phone numbers, address change, emergency contacts, etc.
  • Request for change in transportation.
  • Occasionally, informational emails will be sent from Final Forms.
Circle with Text Google Classroom outlined in red

  • Used by teachers to support classroom work, post assignments and communicate with students.
  • Will be used for remote learning days.