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Student Services

Student Services as a department supports our students who have needs and challenges which require programming and services in addition to and cooperation with the core curriculum provided within the differentiated general education classroom by our teachers. Our scope of services includes but is not limited to the following: gifted and talented services and programming, Title One tutoring service delivery and coordination, English Language Learners (ELL) programming and services, special education services, Section 504 Plan accommodation support, state testing coordination and state testing accommodations, screening for academic and behavioral concerns, testing and assessment as part of identification for special education services eligibility, participation in and monitoring of the consistent use of the MTSS (Multi-Tiered System of Supports/Services) process, behavior program development and ongoing progress monitoring, SEL (Social-Emotional Learning)/Wellness programming and program partnerships, and outside partnerships with other educational and non-educational agencies.

Aaron 'Doc' Horton- PhD. Director of Student Services & School Psychologist 
Elizabeth Staley- School Psychologist
Tammy Broughton- Psychologist Assistant
Haylee Petelle- Student Services Secretary

Gifted & Talented Services

Eaton Community Schools (ECS) provides gifted services through cluster grouping. 

Whole grade screenings occur in 1st, 2nd, and 5th grades.

WEPs are written annually.

For more information:

Katie Pearson- Gifted Supervisor.

Aaron Horton- PhD. Director of Student Services & School Psychologist.



Eaton Community Schools (ECS) uses the Multi-Tiered System of Supports/Services (MTSS) as the district's problem solving model. Teams discuss grade-level and student-specific data to help determine additional supports needed to core instruction to address the needs of groups of students and to determine goals specific to an individual student. The building teams meet regularly to review data and student progress. Parents are contacted with progress reporting and growth and also when the team determines that additional supports or services may be necessary.  

Title One Intervention Services

Hollingsworth East and Bruce Elementaries have additional tutors who support students in English/language arts (ELA) and math in additional small group instruction. Students are identified through the use of universal screeners, and each student has targeted instruction using a specific program to reach the goal.

For more information:

MissAnne Imhoff- Assistant Superintendent

Keri Osswald- Title Coordinator

Aaron Horton- PhD. Director of Student Services & School Psychologist





Section 504 Plans

Students with diagnosed medical conditions who require unique accommodations may be eligible for a Section 504 Plan. Generally, the district begins with a health plan to assist the student. But, when there are additional challenges with accessibility, the team may discuss potential Section 504 Plan eligibility.

English Language Learners (ELL)

Students who do not have English as their primary language as assessed at enrollment for potential services.

Here at ECS, we have several students from Japan, and they receive ongoing support from our Japanese tutor, Ayumi Brehm.


Youth Positive Health (YPH) program is a partnership between Eaton Community Schools and South Community which provides intensive therapeutic services to students in kindergarten through 3rd grade during the academic day at Hollingsworth East Elementary.

Students who participate in the program receive educational instructions for 1/2 the academic day and therapy services for 1/2 the day.

Instruction occurs within the small group setting using the district's curriculum and intervention programs.

Special Education Services 

In compliance with the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA), ECS provides special education services to students with identified needs that require specially designed instruction (SDI).

Intervention Specialists

Preschool: Autumn Kelly, Charlotte Cameron, Susan Spitler (Supervisor).

East Elementary: Heidi Wooddell, Hannah Myers, Katie Rosales, Samantha Torrey, Caitlin Beasecker, Sara Keller, Deanna Hicks.

Bruce Elementary: Derek Lucas, Kelli Wright, Kayla Ramsey, Heather Roark, Shelby Ashbrook.

Middle School: Jon Tipton, Kelsey Flanagan, Ashlee Collins, Dalton Eversole Leslie Sparks, Tim Holland.

High School: Patty Huehn, Christy Cassel, Denise Sanders, Aaron Hemmert.

Occupational Therapists:  Angela Eby, Mylan Crews, Hannah Jackson

Physical Therapists: Elizabeth Reis, Hannah Schreiber, Jennifer Westendorf.

Speech Therapists: Kirsten Von Der Embse, Samantha Ardle, Callie George, Robert Reyes.

Student Wellness: The district has received the Student Wellness and Success grant. Historically, the district has used the funds to help support the cost of our school resource officers. They are an important part of our building teams. In addition, the district has other partnerships to support student health and wellness, specifically, we partner with our county Mental Health and Recovery Board, with Gebhart Counseling, with Samaritan Behavioral, and with South Community for on site therapists and for our Youth Positive Health (YPH) program as well as case management services. 

SCHOLARSHIP: Your student may be eligible for scholarship monies through the Autism or Jon Peterson Scholarship Programs. These programs offer options for student to participate in programming outside of our local public school (Eaton) which implements the student's IEP (Individual Education Program) and is operated by an alternate public provider or a registered private provider.  

Information regarding the scholarship programs is available at the Ohio Department of Education (ODE) website at

  • For Autism Scholarship Program information, search Autism Scholarship.

  • For Jon Peterson Special Needs Scholarship Program information, search Jon Peterson Scholarship. 

For additional information or questions about these scholarship opportunities, contact:

Office of Nonpublic Educational Options (614) 466-5743 or Toll Free (877)644-6338

PARENT RIGHTS: The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) protects the rights of your student and your rights as a parent, and the guide provides information about those rights for students in Ohio. You can access the Guide to Parent Rights in Special Education on ODE’s website using Guide to Parent Rights in Special Education in the search box or via the following link: